IMA - Converting eco-system to commercial success

IMA is rich and diverse mobile & media eco-system, delivering market ready innovation since 2002. IMA accelerates the go-to-market of 400+ startups and mature companies from its portfolio. IMA collaborates with selected partners including mobile operators, publishers, new media, network and handset vendors to substantially increase the commercial product launch.


IMA’s Acceleration Center and Innovation Lab relies on Sprint LTE networks (Softbank), offering 2,000+ mobile devices and core network simulators. IMA Lab dramatically speeds up the product commercialization cycle creating the perfect startup friendly development environment. 
IMA created the world’s largest NFV eco-system and operates one of HPE’s Open NFV labs.


Over the last ten years IMA has created long-term relationships spreading throughout Asia, Europe, USA and Latin America. Serving over 150 operators & publishers around the world, IMA has accelerated the commercial launch of exciting products with clear and immediate ROI. Faced with the challenge to support its widespread customers, IMA has established the IMA Global Channel Network of over 30 local business partners, who are committed to implementing and supporting IMA Portfolio companies’ products. 

 IMA typically engages in a ‘scout and deploy’ process that helps operators and vendors identify promising products.  In addition, IMA team is comprised of carefully chosen professionals bringing forth their vast experience to help its portfolio companies grow even faster.


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IMA Members
Welcome to the IMA community! IMA exists to help Israeli mobile and media companies succeed and grow – faster, smarter, better – and by providing them with on-going business leads and development. In parallel, IMA is perceived by operators, app-stores, media companies, network and handset vendors as the most knowledgeable and central source of the most original, creative products that are validated and ready to use. A wealth of business development benefits for our members 1. Business Development IMA provides members access to our worldwide network in the telecom world (including operators, vendors, system integrators, investors and agents), based on your wish list of requirements.
IMA 2014 Events
IMA is recognized as one of the top channels of knowledge and information in the Israeli mobile and media industry. Over the past twelve years, IMA had proudly hosted dozens of events: from small knowledge cafés to worldwide developers events to national scale conferences. IMA had the privilege to host over 500 international senior speakers and presenters and spread invaluable information to more than 10,000 attendees! 2014 will be an exciting year!
AppsMania May 22, 2014
This is not only the most exclusive high-profile event in Tel Aviv but it is the crossroad for startups, cutting-edge developers and current and future entrepreneurs to learn discuss and network with investors, technology trailblazers, big-name companies and a variety of other industry professionals. We are expecting 900 participants, discussing everything from the most innovative technologies, market trends, and business forecasts to showcasing very specific case studies and product demonstrations. Should be a great opportunity to meet top mobile developers and local industry leaders, not to mention having fun…