About the IMA Acceleration Center

About the IMA Acceleration Center

IMA Acceleration Center is a unique technological hub for the Israeli mobile and media developer community. The IMA Acceleration Center allows developers to perform end-to-end testing from a pool of 2,000+ devices, cross OS, cross vendor. The Acceleration Center also offers access to two Cellular networks: Telefonica\BlueVia and Partner Communication (Orange Israel).

Co-funded by the Office of the Israeli Chief Scientist, through the MAGNET Program, the IMA Acceleration Center offers the most affordable access to high-end core network simulators, and additional technology capabilities, enabling functionality, conformance, load and QoS testing. The Acceleration Center is also using top level UI/UX experts to help startups test their products' usability and experience . This allows IMA Acceleration Center members to build better quality products, which are more stable, reliable and dramatically reduce time to market.


As such, it allows direct access to this eco-system providing a great framework to affect and design its trends and leading platforms. The Acceleration Center contains an end-to-end wireless network infrastructure supporting product integration , interoperability validation and applications testing.


It is ideal for stabilizing products during proof-of-concept and prototype development and provides direct access to hundreds of developers and startups in Israel. It is used as one of the most effective platforms today for new applications scouting, for improving vendor platform adoption and for quality feedback from developers.

IMA Acceleration Center Added Benefits:

  • Certification and reference of common scale requirements made by global operators - Use IMA Acceleration Center reference as a qualification body and a live network site. Produce conformance and performance simulator reports.
  • Connect with the IMA Acceleration Center partners, including local and global operators such as Orange and Telefonica and vendors such as Ericsson and IBM.
  • Be featured as an IMA Acceleration Center case study on all IMA’s marketing platforms.
  • Being presented by IMA to global executives from operators and vendors visiting the lab, as a case study.
  • Influence the IMA Acceleration Center roadmap, already planned to evolve and include further high-end testing equipment.